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Juniper offers DDoS Protection Solution in the Network

New DDoS Secure and MX Solution for the Network Fabric Enables Enterprises and Service Providers in India to Stop DDoS Attacks Farther Out in the Network

Juniper Networks has enhanced its DDoS Secure solution that help companies mitigate complex attacks by more effectively leveraging security intelligence throughout the network fabric, taking them one step closer to building a High-IQ Network.

Businesses today demand more sophisticated protection as attacks on the network become more complicated and difficult to identify. Leveraging the information and intelligence that is inherent in the network is critical to building a secure High-IQ Network and Juniper Networks is enabling this capability with the developments that are described in today’s announcement. These new enhancements allow attacks detected by DDoS Secure at the network and application-layer to be stopped closer to the source by using networking protocols to make the Juniper MX Series routers function as enforcement points.

This approach provides enterprises and service providers a more efficient way of stopping the volumetric attacks that can potentially cripple a network. It also mitigates other popular DDoS attack methods, including inside-out Domain Name System (DNS) reflection and amplification attacks, as well as the negative effects that botnet-infected devices can have on the user experience for a service provider’s customers. According to Infonetics Research, new varieties of amplification attacks are pushing the boundaries of mitigation performance and driving increased investment in DDoS prevention. Examples include the 2013 DNS amplification attack aimed at Spamhaus that topped 300G, and the NTP amplification attack earlier this year that exceeded 400G.

“Cyber threats against high-level companies have risen dramatically in recent years, with the increase in the number of prominent cyber-criminal and hacktivist groups. In the light of public and private clouds and the rise of complex and massive DDoS attacks, it has become crucial for businesses in India to implement early detection and mitigation of the ever increasing cyber threats. The New DDoS Secure and MX Solution from Juniper Networks looks to effectively leverage the intelligence and information inherent in the system and reassures customers’ need to build High-IQ Networks,” Sajan Paul, Director, systems engineering, Juniper Networks India & SAARC

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