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Juniper Networks Replaces Cisco at UrbanClap

Implemented at UrbanClap’s new 500-seat head office in Gurgaon, India, the new network infrastructure based on Juniper’s EX4300 Ethernet Switches

UrbanClap, the services marketplace, has recently deployed Juniper Networks EX Series Ethernet Switches with Virtual Chassis technology to support its rapid business growth. And in the process, the company has replaced incumbent vendor – Cisco. The company has an existing customer base of over one million and has an average monthly request of 150,000.

As UrbanClap was growing, it was looking to shift into a new office, which could accommodate more number of people and can support future scalability as well. The customer had to go for a new setup, as the existing network infrastructure was unmanageable and lack in user experience. In the new requirement the customer was looking forward to a plug and play network on both wired and wireless which could seamless support the current and future scalability requirements.

UrbanClap was looking for a network, which could be reliable and easily manageable. The company floated its requirement, where companies like Cisco, HP and Brocade, along with Juniper bided against each other but finally Juniper Network bagged the order. Although UrbanClap was using Cisco SMB products, but it had to replace it with Juniper Netowrks Ex Series.

Amajit Gupta, MD, India and SAARC at Juniper Network, said, “Since it was launched, market traction for Urban Clap’s services has skyrocketed, and its network has been unable to keep pace with the speed at which the business is growing. Simple and open network was not able to support rapid business growth. As a start-up, Urban Clap had an extremely simple and open network, which was beginning to give problems as the business grew. (Describe the earlier network and the problems that Urban Clap had with it). The earlier exiting setup at urban clap having the Cisco SMB products, which was an unmanageable network with more latency in network.” “Inspite of having a large bandwidth of approx. 150mbps, the legacy Network was not scalable and user experience was not upto the mark. Urban Clap being just a year-old booming start-up organization in the e-commerce domain in India. They had an extremely simple and open network, in which the user was facing Internet issues daily,” he added.

Amajit maintained, “They were upgrading their Head Office, thus as a valued partner we proposed them the state of the art/ best of the solution of Juniper Networks in switching which can scale up to the growing demands on the Network in the coming months.”

Implemented at UrbanClap’s new 500-seat head office in Gurgaon, India, the new network infrastructure based on Juniper’s EX4300 Ethernet Switches serves as a gigabit core layer and access layer solutions comprising EX3300 Ethernet Switches. Virtual Chassis technology allows up to 10 switches to be managed as a single logical device, and provides a cost-effective way to scale the network using a pay-as-you-grow approach. Performance needs are met with a 40 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) backbone at the core and 10 GbE at the access level delivering 100 Megabits per second (Mbps) connectivity to each user. Security requirements are addressed with the integration of unified access control to deliver enhanced security risk management.

Raghav Chandra, co-founder at UrbanClap, said, “One of the outstanding benefits of the Juniper solution is its ability to cater to network expansion without high upfront costs. The Juniper Networks EX Series with Virtual Chassis technology allows us to adopt a pay-as-you-grow approach to infrastructure build-out, which is important for a start-up that is experiencing very rapid business growth. We are eyeing exponential business growth in the days to come, with a many fold increase in our customer and employee base. A high level of customer experience and quality of service are always key priorities and UrbanClap would never compromise on these aspects in the cost of business growth. Considering our business objectives and the requirements of this industry as a whole, we found Juniper Networks’ solutions to be the best in its category.”

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