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Intel Reveals Organizations Wary of Cloud Adoption

New Report from Intel Security shows there is a critical need for improved knowledge and trust towards advance cloud adoption as majority of IT Budgets are expected to focus on Cloud

Intel Security has come out with its ‘Blue Skies Ahead? The State of Cloud Adoption’ global report advocating the need for technology vendors to help businesses, governments and consumers understand the implications surrounding the growing adoption of the cloud. With a majority 77 percent participants noting that their organizations trust cloud computing more than a year ago, just 13 percent completely trust public cloud providers to secure sensitive data. These findings highlight improved trust and security as critical to encouraging continued adoption of the cloud.

The cloud already has a strong impact in the daily lives of many people and businesses, with an ever-growing number of activities performed on digital devices leveraging cloud computing in some way. The increasing use of the cloud is underscored by Intel’s survey, which found that in the next 16 months, 80 percent of respondent IT budgets will be dedicated to cloud computing, said the release.

According to the report, Steve Grobman, Intel Security CTO and Intel Fellow, along with Brian Dye, Intel Security Corporation VP and GM of corporate products, discussed the report’s implications for federal government cloud deployments at the ‘Security through Innovation’ Summit on April 14th in Pentagon City, Virginia.

The survey results also highlight major organizational cloud trends,security and compliance concerns and risks across all types of cloud deployments.The lack of visibility into cloud usage due to shadow IT appears to be causing IT departments concern when it comes to security, with a majority 58 percent of respondents surveyed in Orchestrating Security in the Cloud noting that shadow IT has a negative impact on their ability to keep cloud services secure. The report also highlighted security investment trends for organizations, the release said.

According to Jim Reavis, CEO of the Cloud Security Alliance, “The cloud is the future for businesses, governments and consumers. Security vendors and cloud providers must arm customers with education and tools, and cultivate strong relationships built on trust, in order to continue the adoption of cloud computing platforms. Only then can we completely benefit from the advantages of the cloud.”

Raj Samani, CTO, Intel Security EMEA added “This is a new era for cloud providers. We are at the tipping point of investment and adoption, expanding rapidly as trust in cloud computing and cloud providers grows. As we enter a phase of wide-scale adoption of cloud computing to support critical applications and services, the question of trust within the cloud becomes imperative. This will become integral into realizing the benefits that cloud computing can truly offer.”

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