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Incident Response and Cybersecurity provider inaugurates its new Asia Pacific Facility in Hyderabad


Centre of Excellence provides clients around the world with 24×7 support to reduce cyber risk

Arete, an incident response and cybersecurity provider, inaugurates its new Asia Pacific facility in Hyderabad, designed to provide nonstop support to global clients in transforming how they prepare for, respond to, and prevent cybercrime. They have 500 employees, 200 are contract employees & have 25% capacity in office.

Arete has been supporting regional and global customers with its team in Hyderabad since 2019. The launch of the new facility will better equip its team to provide 24×7 support with advanced tools that help secure businesses against the ever-evolving threat landscape.

“Clients care about how quickly and fully they can recover from a cyber breach. Our investment in the new Centre of Excellence is designed to deliver leading cyber support for our global clients,” says Raj Sivaraju, Arete’s APAC President. “In addition, the centralization of support will allow us to create an environment where our team can enhance their skills and deliver custom experiences and workshops that assist organizations in meeting their security goals,” he adds.

Arete’s continued investment in operations, team resources, and sales allows Arete to provide clients with processes, operations, and on-the-ground support across the Asia Pacific Region.

The new facility includes numerous cutting-edge features, including state-of-the-art security and CCTV surveillance, IoT integrated building management, visitors’ parking and management systems, and destination control elevators. It also provides amenities and benefits for employees including a waiting lounge, ATMs, café, food courts, health clubs, and creche.

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