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HPE Brings IoT solutions for The Edge networks

HPE Edgeline IoT Systems and Aruba Sensors expand IoT capabilities at the edge

Enterprise (HPE) launched new Internet of Things (IoT) systems and networking solutions that enable customers to more efficiently collect, process and analyse IoT data.

“Hewlett Packard Enterprise has one of the industry’s most comprehensive portfolios of IoT solutions, offering compute, connectivity, data analysis, security and a strong ecosystem, all aimed at simplifying IoT for customers and driving business outcomes,” said Neelam Dhawan,

Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Group and Country Managing Director, Hewlett Packard Enterprise India. “The new solutions today are important elements of our strategy of delivering more connectivity and computing power at ‘the edge,’ and helping customers maximize the value and minimize the risks from IoT at the speed of business.”

Increased Intelligence and Compute Processing at the Network Edge

Today, delivering business outcomes quickly and securely requires intelligence to enable real- time decisions at the edge. Moving computing power, data acquisition and data management to the edge of an organization’s network, outside of the traditional data center, allows faster access to relevant data, requires less bandwidth to transport useless data, and ultimately accelerates the time to insight for organizations.

As part of today’s announcement, HPE is introducing the first in a series of new systems. The new HPE Edgeline IoT Systems are the result of a joint partnership between HPE and Intel to help deliver proven, open solutions for the IoT market. The HPE Edgeline IoT Systems 10 and 20 sit at the network edge, enabling customers to securely aggregate and analyze data in real­time and control devices and things. Available in ruggedized, mobile and rack­mounted versions, the systems are suitable for a wide spectrum of industrial, logistics, transportation, healthcare, government and retail applications and have been certified to work with Microsoft Azure IoT services.

The first new HPE Edgeline IoT Systems are available now and unify IoT data access with device management, configuration and control. Products include:

HPE IoT System EL10 – A rugged price/performance­optimized edge gateway designed for entry level deployments and built with long lifecycle components.

HPE IoT System EL20 – A rugged performance­optimized edge gateway with additional features for higher compute capabilities and ease of installation, designed for more demanding high volume deployments and built with long life cycle components.

Future members of the Edgeline family will offer investment protection and scalability, as they incorporate HPE’s proven Moonshot system architecture. Moonshot technology offers powerful computing capability while using significantly less energy and space than typical servers, which are important advantages for IoT.

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