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Google Cloud and Genesys Enable Organizations to Better Connect Customer Experiences

Genesys, a global cloud leader in customer experience orchestration, and Google Cloud announced today an expansion of their strategic partnership to help organisations connect customer support and experiences in a more distributed, digital world.

“Consumers have the authority to instantly change the trajectory of an organisation’s future and an industry’s relevancy,” said Tony Bates, CEO and Chairman of Genesys. “To thrive in this new customer-led landscape, companies must deliver the personalised experiences people want. Google is a pioneer in deep consumer knowledge; partnering with such an innovator will be a true game-changer for customers and employees around the world.”

To help organisations embrace changing expectations from consumers, Genesys will bring the Genesys Multicloud CXTM solution to Google Cloud, enabling organizations to deploy a private edition of its customer experience platform on Google Cloud’s trusted, secure, and scalable infrastructure. With Genesys Multicloud CX private edition, organisations will have an open multicloud path to embrace the next step of their customer experience (CX) evolution on Google Cloud infrastructure.

Genesys also plans to deepen its integration with Google Cloud Contact Centre AI (CCAI), BigQuery and Kubernetes Engine (GKE). With these deep integrations across multiple Google Cloud services and technologies, organisations can use real-time streaming events and historical data from across their businesses on their preferred infrastructure for governance, controls, and customisation across multiple private and public cloud environments.

“Today’s consumers expect instant and exceptional service experiences at the click of a mouse or tap of a smartphone,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud. “Partnering with Genesys will help build the future of digital customer service, as businesses and service teams bring together artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics to deliver the best possible outcomes for consumers.”

Building on a multi-year alliance, the two companies will collaborate on next-generation applications of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data analytics to create new solutions to enable organizations to deliver even stronger, more intuitive, and more responsive experiences. By bringing together experience orchestration capabilities from Genesys and AI, machine learning and data analytics capabilities from Google Cloud, the companies will develop new solutions in areas like customer journeys, automated customer care, predictive customer satisfaction, AI-driven multifactor authentication, and unique conversational channels that leverage Google Search, Maps and other services.

In addition, Genesys has made it possible for organisations to access Genesys customer experience solutions directly through the Chrome OS by embedding it in the Chrome web browser. This means it’s accessible on any web page an agent might use during the day — giving them the freedom to quickly find the best information to help customers.

Organisations have already realized the strategic benefit of connecting Google Cloud and Genesys across their businesses – from marketing campaigns to logistics management to staffing and employee interactions. Delivering dynamic experiences such as these offers them a competitive differentiator now — and in the future. According to Gartner®, “by 2026, basic buying and selling experiences will be commoditised, and businesses will differentiate based on connected customer and employee experiences.” (Gartner, “Future of Work Trends: Top 3 Customer Experience Trends,” 18 October 2021, Don Scheibenreif, Tori Paulman)

Industry leaders like Electrolux and Woolworths, as well as public sector agencies at the federal, state and local levels, all are already on the path of transformation by leveraging Genesys and Google Cloud. For example, Woolworths, the largest food retailer in Australia, integrated the Genesys platform with Google Cloud Dialogflow to build a smart IVR and create Olive, an ultra-efficient virtual assistant powered by conversational AI. Combined with a smart search feature developed by Woolworths that uses Genesys open APIs, a customer can now simply say ‘The oranges are missing from my order.’ Olive then cross-checks, processes a refund, and sends a text confirmation to the customer. Thanks to Olive, thousands of customer interactions are handled end to end — allowing Woolworths customer service team to spend time resolving more complex inquiries.

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