Fujitsu Develops Data Transfer Technology to speed up Remote File Access

The Speed rises up as much as twenty times using only software

Fujitsu Laboratories has produces a data-transfer technology that increases the speed for accessing files on remote enterprise file-sharing servers. In file sharing, files are stored on server connected to a network and multiple clients can share the same files which are used by enterprises to share information and manage documents. The technology accelerates the process by avoiding retransmissions of previously sent data.
Key features of the technology include:

Collectively proxy read-ahead for multiple files and proxy response: A module is installed on both the client and server that accelerates data transfers.The server-side module identifies when a folder containing multiple files starts to download and read-ahead on the client proxy the batch of all the files downloaded. These read-ahead files are bundled together and transmitted to the client-side module and the client-side module then replies to a request to get data with its server proxy.

In this way, the amount of communications generated by obtaining file attributes, such as multiple file names and file sizes, is greatly reduced, as are the delays influenced by network latency.

Effective deduplication due to header separation: Works on the server-side module to separate the transmitted data into the headers and the contents of file. This makes deduplication of retransmitted data more precise, leading to more effective network traffic reduction.

The technology is implemented as software and can be installed on existing file-sharing systems. It can also be applied to cloud and server-virtualization environments, mobile devices, etc., and can be extended to a variety of network services. This technology enables more efficient file sharing and joint development between remote locations.

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