Fujitsu demos how Digital Co-creation is driving transformation

The Fujitsu Forum Munich 2017 theme is Human Centric Innovation: Digital Co-creation– bringing together innovative Fujitsu technologies and expertise with unique customer know-how to create new solutions to business challenges

Under the theme of Human Centric Innovation: Digital Co-creation, Fujitsu Forum Munich opens its doors tomorrow to more than 12,000 visitors – showcasing how Digital Co-creation is driving business transformation by blending customers’ business expertise with innovative technology to create new value.

Duncan Tait, Corporate Executive Officer, SEVP and Head of Americas and EMEIA at Fujitsu, comments: “Fujitsu brings together innovative technologies and expertise with unique customer know-how to create new solutions to their business challenges. This co-creation approach will increasingly become a business norm in an emerging digital society, as technology augments human capabilities, enabling innovation and greater productivity. Every business today is becoming a technology business, with digital elements now embedded into core processes. Digital transformation shapes a prosperous, safer and more sustainable future, with Fujitsu committed to creating new value together with its customers and ecosystem partners.”

Over the past year, Fujitsu has made significant progress with its four strategic business pillars: Cloud, the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence – underpinned by Security. Fujitsu Forum will highlight the latest developments in these four key business areas.

In the cloud, the major market opportunity is Hybrid IT. In anticipation that more than half of large organizations will see the majority of their IT capabilities provided through cloud services within the next two years, Fujitsu has added new Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 regions in the UK, Finland, Germany, Spain and North America. Fujitsu is also providing a new dedicated private storage capability, allowing local data residency even for public and virtual private cloud environments – a key step towards compliance with regulatory requirements including the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

One of the technologies that is driving cloud growth is the Internet of Things, where Fujitsu provides new levels of intelligence at the network edge – close to the sensors themselves. To enable businesses to easily grasp this opportunity, Fujitsu is today introducing a new brand called FUJITSU INTELLIEDGE to provide essential network-edge intelligence. This solution can make real-time, intelligent decisions at the edge, based on learning from the cloud – and uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to collect, process and learn from sensor data, and to connect all kinds of digital manufacturing information, from design to production and maintenance.

A technology that goes hand in hand with the Internet of Things is Artificial Intelligence (AI), which continues to open new ways of interpreting the information that businesses generate. Fujitsu sees enormous market potential for AI and is focused on enabling customers to grasp new market opportunities.

Leveraging the value of AI, Fujitsu worked with leading wind turbine manufacturer Siemens Gamesa to help implement a quality control system. In this case, AI not only dramatically reduces the time required for quality control checks, but can also detect minor flaws that are otherwise invisible to the human eye. It used to take almost all day to check the surface area of a blade manually – now Siemens Gamesa can complete an inspection in just 90 minutes, which means that engineers are freed up from monotonous but necessary tasks to focus on areas already flagged by the system. With 5,000 blades produced every year, this saves Siemens Gamesa around 30,000 man hours – translating into significant cost savings.

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