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Fujitsu Builds Innovative Technology for Linux Containers

Enables Linux containers and virtual networks to be set up in under one second to accelerate system usage

Fujitsu Laboratories said it has developed world’s first technology for fast and automatic setup of client-segregated virtual networks that are built over multiple Linux containers, to be unveiled at Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium (APNOMS) 2015, opening August 19 in Pusan, South Korea. These containers offer virtualization for high-speed launches and running.

To use containers, which launch in roughly 0.2 seconds, in the cloud like virtual machines, quick setup of client-segregated virtual networks is required. By distributing network information in advance to the physical switches, and automatically creating a network upon the detection of container activation, Fujitsu has developed technology that enables client-segregated networks built over multiple containers to be set up within one second announced the press release. This enables a system on the scale of several hundred containers to be used immediately following their launch. As a result, systems can immediately be scaled out, supporting, for example, web services that temporarily experience sudden spikes in traffic, such as during special events or marketing campaigns.

Using containers for IaaS environments requires network resources be segregated by client, especially so that communications data from one network does not reach another client. Although containers can be launched in roughly 0.2 seconds, compared with several minutes to launch a virtual machine, network setup required several seconds because device settings were configured from the operations-management system via the controller. As such, even with a fast-launching container, network setup lagged considerably behind. For this reason, the challenge has been to set up client-segregated networks spanning multiple containers as quickly as the containers can be launched.

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