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Forcepoint looking to lower risk with human-centric security innovations

Forcepoint Web Security adds additional CASB functionality with real-time, inline visibility and control of sanctioned enterprise cloud applications

Forcepoint introduced new human-centric security capabilities delivered through cloud, network and risk-adaptive security solutions that empower enterprises and government agencies to accelerate their digital transformation and lower risk. According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report 2017, 81 percent of data breaches were caused by the hijacking of user credentials by hackers to gain access to internal systems and data. The traditional approach of blocking threats that legacy vendors continue to offer is insufficient to fight the battle. Forcepoint is transforming cybersecurity through a new approach that emphasizes understanding human behavior and user interaction with critical data over networks of different trust levels to combat the use of compromised credentials.

Today Forcepoint is fortifying its Human Point System of integrated capabilities with more precise data control and visibility into user identity, activity and intent across cloud deployments, applications and complex distributed networks to help organizations effectively secure users and IP in a digital world they don’t fully control.

“The dramatic changes in enterprise IT and critical infrastructure over the last five years necessitate a different approach to cybersecurity, because focusing solely on threats is a no-win scenario,” said Heath Thompson, senior vice president and general manager of Commercial Security at Forcepoint. “We believe companies must shift their focus to understanding behavior, and dynamically adapting to risk in real-time. We call this risk-adaptive protection. With risk-adaptive protection, policies can be continuously and uniquely applied to the individual, not just broad groups of users within the organization thereby lowering risk while still enabling people to get their jobs done.”

Forcepoint’s Human Point System brings together best-in-class capabilities including Data Loss Prevention (DLP), User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Web/Email Security and Network Security that can stand alone or integrate within an existing environment. Enterprise and government organizations can now deploy DLP and UEBA together in a risk-adaptive protection solution that understands the context and intent of user behavior and dynamically applies enforcement policies to activity representing the highest risk.

Protecting the Zero Trust Perimeter

Enterprises and government agencies can “start anywhere” with Forcepoint’s new human-centric capabilities, expand them over time or deploy them as an integrated intelligent system:

Visibility, Mobility and Control of Users, Apps and Data Across Clouds and Networks

  • Forcepoint Web Security extends its built-in CASB capabilities with a new Cloud Application Control module that reduces security blindspots through real-time, inline visibility and control of sanctioned enterprise applications.
  • Forcepoint NGFW is the first to deliver human-centric visibility into behavior on the network via new user dashboards providing fast, actionable understanding of who is accessing which resources. And, integration with Forcepoint Web Security Cloud enables deeper security through seamless inspection and control of web apps and user web traffic while offloading intensive processing from the firewall to the cloud.

Risk-Adaptive Security Solutions for Government Agencies

  • Forcepoint supports U.S. government agencies as they modernize their security infrastructure, technology and policies through programs such as Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM).
  • Forcepoint’s risk-adaptive protection solutions offer options for both monitoring and enforcement, integrating Forcepoint UEBA, DLP and Insider Threat products, supporting the CDM mission with intelligent analytics and individualized policy enforcement.
  • These risk-adaptive capabilities, together with Forcepoint NGFW, Email Security and Web Security solutions, are included on the CDM Approved Product List for Phase Three to protect sensitive networks and data – wherever they are accessed and wherever they reside. Only Forcepoint can provide agencies the end-to-end, human-centric security architecture required to meet their unique security challenges and mission goals.

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