Managing People and Business with Biometrics

Retail is a scalable industry, one which is prone to expand with the growth of business. As the business grows, retailers have numerous challenges to overcome, many of which come with increase in infrastructure, branches at multiple locations and manpower. Secondly, customer satisfaction is a major factor upon which the retail industry survives. Negligence from employees’ end can prove fatal to retailers and may have a great impact on their business. Hence, keeping a check on employees’ behavior, including attendance and leaves becomes critical for retailers. However, retailers often do not have the necessary infrastructure that would help them maintain a systematic and accountable data of their employees’ attendance and leaves. A biometric Time-Attendance system can definitely prove beneficial for retailers in such cases.

Technological advancements have sure made it easier for retailers to go beyond the conventional methods of maintaining employee discipline along with ensuring employee satisfaction. In a retail business, where employees are prone to involve themselves in malpractices such as buddy punching, having a biometric system can put a stop to such practices. A fingerprint Time-Attendance system will never accept a false fingerprint and will hence, put an end to issues such as buddy punching. Moreover, with such a technologically advanced system, employees will no more be able to lie about their in/out timings.

Retailers can also have a centralized Time-Attendance management system, which would allow them to keep track of employee attendance at not just one but all their branches. They can also set certain user-wise roles and rights along with other policies such as Absenteeism, Late-in, Early-out Compensatory Off, etc. Furthermore, managing field workers can also become easy with a centralized system in place. An advanced time-attendance system can also allow employers to manage breaks of their staff so as not to leave customers unattended, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Moreover, with a centralized Time-Attendance management system in place, retailers can avail 200+ attendance reports and charts. These reports and charts give them proper details and allow them to manage their employees’ attendance and leaves more accurately. Furthermore, such a biometric Time-Attendance system can also be integrated with third party payroll software. This will help retailers pay timely salary to their employees’, ensuring employee satisfaction.

As the business grows and branches spread across multiple locations, unauthorized entry of people also becomes a challenge. Access Control solutions can definitely prove beneficial for retailers looking for restricting entry of employees as well as visitors/customers in areas such as the warehouse.

Matrix Time-Attendance solutions are well-engineered and designed to effectively meet the growing Time-Attendance needs of retailers.


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