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F-Secure boosts endpoint detection and response

F-Secure and its managed service providers have unveiled F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response. Available through F-Secure’s global partner network, this is an industry-leading endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution that monitors organizations’ IT environments and their security status to identify suspicious behavior.

It gives contextual visibility to automatically identify and visualize advanced threats by combining lightweight endpoint sensors with advanced data analysis, AI, and machine learning capabilities.

Broad Context Detection mechanisms narrow down the data and distinguish malicious behavior patterns from normal user behavior to quickly identify real attacks, significantly reducing the number of alerts that IT staff has to pay attention to.

“F-Secure Rapid Detection & Response detects targeted attacks swiftly and enables efficient incident response with built-in automation to stop the attacks when they happen,” explains Jyrki Tulokas, Executive Vice President, Cyber Security Products & Services at F-Secure.

This service is activated by selecting the on-demand ‘Elevate to F-Secure’ feature. It leverages cyber security experts from F-Secure’s 24/7 managed detection and response team. This is now made available as an on-demand elevation service to give expert guidance on how to contain and remediate targeted attacks.

“In this unique service F-Secure’s cyber security experts analyze methods and technologies, network routes, traffic origins, and timelines when an attack is detected,” says Tulokas. “That means businesses now can be confident about having the required skills and resources to respond to even the toughest targeted attacks.”

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