Enterprises Replace Google Search Alliance with SearchBlox

Simplicity of migration and maintaining the functionality are the key aspects of SearchBlox’s migration service

SearchBlox Software, the leading global provider of enterprise search, sentiment analysis and text analytics, brings the best migration solution for GSA (Google Search Appliance) users. The discontinuation of Google Search Appliance (GSA) has left multitudes of companies stuck with the uncertainty about how best to replace GSA. SearchBlox comes to the rescue, providing seamless migration while preserving the customized GSA functionality. It has made the process of replacing Google Search Appliance simple by integrating the GSA connector framework, allowing the customers to transition without any risk or delays.

Timo Selvaraj, Co-Founder / VP Product Management at SearchBlox Software said, “We offer the most flexible search software in the market today, making SearchBlox the best option for a smooth transition for GSA. We extend the capability of our solution to continue the existing functionality of the GSA with customized configurations and some add-on features. Now, GSA users can migrate over to SearchBlox without losing any functionality and enhancing the search capability.”

SearchBlox helps in multifaceted search that may vary from web crawling to multiple data sourSces. It can filter detailed information like brand names, size, color, pricing and availability, or any custom field from an e-commerce website to give an accurate search result. The search may also be set up in public, private or hybrid clouds, and the CRM data. In addition, SearchBlox offers blazing fast search across terabytes of data indexed across various data sources.

“SearchBlox enables businesses to connect, extract and analyze across unstructured and structured data in a smarter and advanced way. It offers a varied range of enterprise search in websites, eCommerce, intranet and cloud, supporting hosted search, Salesforce search, big data search and e-discovery search. Interestingly, the solution includes 75+ connectors targeted for enterprise, web and cloud content. ,” Timo added.

SearchBlox provides out-of-the-box solution for its customers with excellent customer support. Some of the benefits of migrating to SearchBlox include:

  • Fast, easy set-up, with handling all aspects of the migration
  • Full integration of current GSA configurations
  • Ability to retain any customizations created within GSA
  • 75+ built-in connectors
  • Multilingual search
  • Robust API for indexing and search
  • Secure crawling and search
  • On-premise or on the cloud
  • One-on-one customer service to keep clients informed of the process every step of the way
  • Highly competitive cost, compared with GSA

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