eCommerce retailers in China begin to bounce-back following Covid-19 slowdown

Authored By: Jaideep Khanduja, Enterprise Technology Blogger, Global Mentor, Founder and Director in India.

US retailers ramp up online activity as restrictions take hold

Luminati Networks, the leading data collection automation provider, has today released findings that reflect the impact of Covid-19 on global eCommerce. By monitoring global data collection trends, Luminati has seen a resurgence from eCommerce brands in China following a steep decline at the end of 2019.

 Online retailers use data collection to gather intelligence that allows for the most suitable positioning and pricing of products. Luminati witnessed a 43% decrease in data collection from online retailers in China, which coincided with the initial virus outbreak. The latest data collected suggests China is starting to recover from the lockdown across the country. A 35% increase in data collection shows that eCommerce in China is recovering. 

 As social distancing techniques become commonplace in the US and retail outlets start to temporarily close, online activity is increasing. In the last month, the US eCommerce market has increased its data collection by 20% and highlights increased online retailing through the shift to online purchases by consumers.

 “Covid-19 is impacting all sectors, and businesses are having to adapt to market conditions, this is especially true in retail,” commented Luminati CEO, Or Lenchner.  “With the widespread shut down of physical stores across the US, eCommerce is becoming increasingly important and our research reaffirms this. Based on real-time data gathering, retailers are able to effectively trade, addressing the changing consumer needs while focusing their efforts online as consumers stay put.

 “The most encouraging aspect of the research was to see the recovery of activity in China,” Lenchner continued. “There will be a long road to recovery, but our research shows there is light at the end of the tunnel after what has been an incredibly difficult time.”

 To aid the fight against Covid-19 Luminati is allowing free usage of its network for relevant researchers looking to collect data in order to beat the virus. With these tools, researchers can now reach and address any digital data related to their research requirements. For more information, visit:

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