Dyna.Ai kickstarts Global Operations


Dyna.Ai showcased its robust system products, including the Business Core System and Smart Decision Platform, which centralize data storage, integrate APIs, and streamline operations.

Dyna.Ai has announced operations across Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, North America and Latin America. As part of its multi-market global expansion, Dyna.Ai has also unveiled a range of modern, innovative solutions, for application across multiple industries. 

The company has unveiled its comprehensive AI platform, designed to provide enterprise-level generative AI models featuring meticulous data curation, advanced customization, retrieval-augmented generation, and enhanced performance. The AI platform includes two solutions, Dyna Athena for text-to-speech, language and speech processing, and Dyna Avatar for digital human interactions. Both solutions offer LLM-powered, task-specific solutions tailored for banks, fintech, and various businesses, enhancing natural language interactions to make conversations more realistic and engaging.

“Dyna.Ai not only provides professional AI solutions in the financial field, but also offers a unique and innovative RaaS (Result as a Service) business model.”

Mr. Tomas Skoumal, Chairman, Dyna.Ai

“At Dyna.Ai, our mission is simple: empower work, enrich life. The global financial services sector is at a critical juncture, requiring enterprises to adapt rapidly to the AI disruption that’s happening right in front of them. Faced with numerous challenges, business leaders desire solutions that equip them with cutting-edge technology to stay ahead of competitors in this rapidly evolving ecosystem,” said Mr. Tomas Skoumal, Chairman, Dyna.Ai.

Dyna Avatar provides real-time digital human interactions, featuring automatic speech recognition and dynamic experiences powered by conversational AI. Currently supporting English, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Thai, Dyna Avatar is poised to expand its language capabilities with future upgrades, enhancing digital life and shaping the future of intelligent interaction.

“We are thrilled to kickstart our global expansion from the Dubai Fintech Summit. Dyna Ai supports pay for performance and provides services that can generate business results for banks, insurance, wealth and fintechs,” added Mr.Tomas Skoumal.

By providing local services and operational capabilities in multiple regions, Dyna.Ai continues to focus on combining globally leading AI technology with meeting the local financial service needs of various countries.

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