Disruptive Technology in Hospitality Industry

It is evident that every wave of Industrial Revolution throws up new challenges and opportunities across all sectors of workforce. Like the prior Industrial Revolutions that kick started modern technology, beginning from stream power, transitioning to the age of electronics, and then the Digital Age, today is the Age of AI. Industry 4.0, as it is called today, redefines industries in stitching the gap between various scales of businesses in terms of sustainability, by its technologies of artificial intelligence, big data, cyber physical systems, machine learning, and more. In wake of the superiority presented by the new age, businesses seek to strike an alliance with industry leaders who dedicate their efforts in view of their vision and direction. “Parallel Connect Pvt Ltd.” is one such start-up, that aims to revolutionize the Hospitality Industry with the most versatile trends in Industry 4.0 . Here, the dynamics of Disruptive Technology, Strategic Model Innovation, and Value Chain based on social landscape, are used in paving a pathway to the forthcoming agile industry shift so as to be a Global Leader in hospitality.

The founders have endeavoured to travel the length and breadth of the Indian Subcontinent, studying the entire span of the industry; from premium hotels with sprawling infrastructures, remote resorts, right up to something as humble as non-descript home stays. Various industry leaders, with their incredible experience in the sector, have helped the founders in assessing and understanding the cultural ends of the country and the overall needs of the hospitality industry. On a more fundamental measure, the founders identified the three domains of “Guest Experience”, “Market Presence”, and “Operations” as the driving factors in the Hospitality Industry. For every hotel to succeed individually in it’s economic and social environment, it must hit a right balance of these three domains rather than invest in only one aspect. Such an analysis has helped Parallel Connect in mindfully drafting the Core-X initiative.

Core-X is a budding solution envisioned as a dynamic and technologically inclined solution to the pains of the Industry. It employs the utility of sophistication according to a particular niche of Social and Technological needs of a hotel. The Core-X is a promising prospect both for the Hospitality Industry in particular and the Indian economy in general, bringing around a positive, and also the biggest change into the industry. The integration of technological solutions to the industrial requirements is a proof of the change brought about by Industry 4.0 . In the long run, the Parallel Connect and it’s vision of Core-X, works to help the Indian Hospitality Industry establish itself as a Global Leader, in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation.

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