Dell Technologies Forum 2023 Discussed about Innovation

Dell Technologies

It prioritized impact of digital transformation for enterprises in India, highlighted IT driven growth

Dell Technologies Forum 2023 reiterated the need for innovation at the center of business agenda to the customers and partners. The forum also showcased Dell’s Customer Solution Centre (CSC) Innovation Lab, offering a distinct setting for organizations to assess and implement innovative digital solutions as part of their innovation strategy, to tackle business hurdles. The Innovation Lab is a step forward in Dell’s commitment to empower customers through cutting-edge technologies in advanced analytics, 5G and Edge computing.

Manoj Chugh, the veteran IT leader, emphasised on AI adoption and how it is redefining business growth.

Alok Ohrie, President and Managing Director, Dell Technologies India, emphasized on their commitment to digital inclusion through programs and initiatives like Digital LifeCare.  

Burzin Engineer, Co-founder and Chief Reliability Officer, PhonePe, said “Our goal is to ease digital transactions for a billion plus people, and sustainability lies at the heart of it. To achieve this, we partnered with Dell and NTT to launch our first green data center in India. We collaborated with Dell to lower the power usage and the savings that we are looking at are $3-4 million per year. Dell has not only helped in seamlessly scaling our business but also in reducing our carbon footprint.”

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