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Dell Brings Next-Generation Converged Architecture: PowerEdge FX

Says it easily fits the infrastructure to the workloads with “bite-sized” modular blocks of computing resources

Dell has announced the next generation of PowerEdge FX architecture, combining the efficient management of IT building blocks of server, storage and networking to optimize both modern and legacy workloads, bridging from a traditional datacenter to software defined datacenter.

The next-generation Dell PowerEdge FX architecture is Dell’s revolutionary approach to combining the best elements of blades and racks into one common modular platform with storage and networking integrated to help customers better manage, scale and budget for infrastructure to meet business needs.

Built on new PowerEdge technology, FX re-interprets the rack server for changing application demands, allowing customers to incrementally add or swap small IT building blocks, including servers, DAS storage and IO modules with different processors, memory sizes and storage characteristics, into a 2U converged-infrastructure chassis. The result is extremely flexible, dynamic IT that redefines data center agility announced the press release.

Commenting on FX2, Manish Gupta, Director (Enterprise Solutions Group), Dell India, said, “Software defined datacenters represent the IT infrastructure of the future and will bring greater levels of flexibility to enterprises by allowing them to optimize their IT environments to meet specific workload needs. Today with the launch of our new products across the datacenter, we enable our customers to future proof their environments and embrace the ‘software defined revolution’, while minimizing impact to legacy infrastructure, with ‘never before’ infrastructure flexibility also embedded, comes a comprehensive and intelligent management system which allows skilled manpower typically used to right-size and manage the environment to focus on improving business results.”

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