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DataStax Simplifies Real-time AI Deployment with the Launch of Luna ML


New Offering Enables Customers to Use Kaskada Open Source in Production with Expert Support, Driving AI Adoption 

DataStax launches Luna ML, a support service for Kaskada Open Source, the unified event processing engine for real-time machine learning (ML). Luna ML supports customers with modern, open source event processing for ML, enabling customers to deploy Kaskada with professional support from DataStax. 

DataStax announced the acquisition of Kaskada in January 2023 and released the Kaskada code under open source in March (available in the GitHub repository under the Apache 2.0 License), providing customers with open capabilities ideal for real-time AI and ML applications. As interest and use cases of Kaskada Open Source evolve, the DataStax Luna ML support service will provide users with the guidance needed to confidently deploy Kaskada technology. 

According to Gartner1, by 2027, over 90% of new software applications that are developed in the business will contain ML models or services as enterprises utilize the massive amounts of data available to the business. 

Today’s businesses are expected to leverage AI and ML technologies to fuel their product and provide informed and impactful customer experiences. A recent DataStax study found that 87% of consumers regard relevant recommendations as highly valuable with more than half of the respondents claiming that AI-powered recommendations drive brand trust and loyalty2. A strategic AI implementation powered by real-time data is essential for companies to ensure they stay competitive in the market.  

“Adding an open source component to an ML platform that supports experimentation and production environments can be complex,” said Davor Bonaci, chief technology officer and executive vice president, Datastax. “With Luna ML, customers can confidently take steps toward implementing a real-time AI platform, and deploy Kaskada Open Source with the benefit of support from the Kaskada experts at DataStax.” 

Luna ML will provide customers with mission-critical support and offers options for incident response time as low as 15 minutes. Customers will also have the ability to escalate issues to the core Kaskada engineering team for further review and troubleshooting. 

“Many of our customers are engaging us to deploy real-time ML proof of concepts, leveraging the real-time data they have stored in Astra DB,” said Ed Anuff, chief product officer, DataStax. “Today’s enterprises must be thinking about how to leverage their treasure troves of data to fuel new AI initiatives if they want to stay ahead of the curve. Our goal with Luna ML is to support those enterprises in building the real-time, AI-powered applications that set the stage for the future.” 

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