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Big Data Challenge

The amount of data generated daily in the form of Email, Excel, ppt and JPEG by industries has increased exponentially. Huge volumes of data need to be kept not just for analytic purposes, but also for compliance. Storage and management are major concern in this era of big data. The ability for storage devices to scale and meet the rate of data growth; enhance access time and data transfer rate is equally challenging. These factors, to a considerable extent, determine the overall performance of data storage and management. Big data storage requirements are complex and thus needs a holistic approach to mitigate its challenges. This paper examines the challenges of big data storage and management.

In addition, research examines existing current big data storage and management platforms and provide useful suggestions in mitigating these challenges.

As per many case studies everyone is just increasing data Size by keeping duplicate files, unused Emails and data in Laptops, Desktops, Tabs, Phones.  due to every time we have to buy more space to keep data and thus organizations are investing big amount for nothing.

If anyone will analyze the overall data requirement, only 30% data, of the overall data is important which is needed for Analytics and compliance purposes.

It is highly required to understand our data, it may be in various forms and we need to analyze and free-up spaces to get better hardware performance. Ideally less but structured data is more efficient then huge and unstructured data. 

Request you all to think about it and manage your files, Emails. your small efforts can save company cost and as well as whole planet by electronic garbage.

Authored By: Yogendra Singh, Head IT, and SAP in Barista Coffee Company Ltd.

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