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Cyberbit unveils portable Industrial Control network security assessment solution 

New SCADAScan Plug & Scan solution gives critical infrastructure organizations instant insight into their OT networks and exposes security threats  

Cyberbit SCADAScan portable ICS/SCADA network assessment system conveniently plugs into a network switch, and within minutes of passive monitoring provides a comprehensive OT network and asset mapping, vulnerability assessment and threat report, based on deep packet inspection (DPI) of OT traffic.

SCADAScan is the first fully mobile, on-demand ICS/SCADA network assessment solution, that instantly provides customers with visibility into their OT infrastructure and security posture without the need for time-consuming setup and deployment efforts. The solution is used by OT intervention teams, consultancies and service provides to provide on-demand OT assessment for their customers. It is also used by critical infrastructure organizations who wish to perform periodical OT asset mapping, vulnerability assessment and threat detection without having to integrate a full-scale OT monitoring solution.

“The threats on OT networks are now a reality, so we developed an ICS security assessment solution that is completely mobile, eliminates setup efforts and can be completed in hours to days,” said Cyberbit CEO Adi Dar. “We are proud to work with ISP who continues to bring the very best technology and expertise to critical infrastructure organizations.”

SCADAScan is based on Cyberbit’s SCADAShield solution, a comprehensive ICS monitoring, detection, visibility, forensics and policy enforcement solution for OT networks. SCADAShield can also be integrated with Cyberbit’s SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) solution for IT and OT networks.

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