Cyara Call Explorer Bridges the Gap between Manual and Automated CX Testing for Voice Calls

Cyara, provider of  Automated CX Assurance Platform, unveiled Call Explorer, a new feature on the Cyara Platform that provides enterprises with an easy-to-use, web-based user interface (UI) to manually dial and test interactive voice response (IVR) calls. Call Explorer simplifies and expedites the process of documenting and building comprehensive IVR test script libraries that are required for call quality testing and assurance, allowing companies to achieve a better customer experience (CX), support manual testing efforts, and benefit from time and cost-savings. 

“We’re excited to announce Call Explorer as an industry-first automated “record and replay” solution for IVRs, allowing CX teams to more quickly test customer journeys and resolve defects and quality issues faster,” said Alok Kulkarni, CEO of Cyara. “We understand that adopting automation technology can be daunting, but we’re focused on helping our customers through that journey and giving them the power to scale and manually test CX more efficiently and ensure callers have quality experiences every time.” 

Call Explorer streamlines the process of manually dialing and documenting IVR test calls, offering automation support to alleviate the labor-intensive aspects of this important task. As a manual tester dials a test call, Call Explorer is intelligently listening, logging, and documenting every aspect of that call, automatically generating a test script. This test script may be used to repeat the test so developers can precisely replicate any technical defects or quality issues that are discovered and validate their fixes or save to use for future testing and monitoring campaigns. 

Before Call Explorer, it was difficult for manual testers to harness automation to assist with the labor-intensive process of testing documentation and other repetitive tasks. This new feature helps overcome the challenges of building a test case library and empowers testers to instead, focus on applying their knowledge and expertise to identify defects and improve the customer journey. 

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