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Customer Service – How Important is this in the Real Estate Industry?

Authored By: Chitranjan Kesari, Head IT, Kanakia Group.

Customer Service for Real Estate, is not a buzz word. This is a requirement right now and for the long run. When we implemented our first project for customer portal for service, way back in 2013, some market Pandit asked us, “Why have you launched this application, you are a real estate company and you have to construct and sale your inventory. Why are you focusing on customer service and customer portal?”

After sales service is a major focus area for real estate or any industry, especially to provide 5 star facility and 24/7 support for all the amenities offered by developer. For those who understand the brand value and customer service, Digital Transformation is revolutionizing the way companies do business and service around the world and it is gathering huge momentum across every industry and every sector. Indeed, it has moved from being a trend at a periphery of a business to becoming front and center of any corporate strategy, service first approach. And it is a transformation that is simply immense in terms of its size and scope regardless of the type of business for service.

The real estate sector is in the middle of such a transformation and while it has been so far an exciting ride, it is also being very challenging as we oversee the efficient introduction and use of technology across diverse network in real estate.

This depends on the number of projects across different location and cities, a cloud based solution help real estate sector to provide best solution and it is needed to ensure that real estate facility staff is kept abreast of what they are doing, that buy into it and understand the benefit and key strategic drivers. Prior to commencing the Digital Transformation through Cloud based solution, staff has to understand what they are going to do, like, problem, master creation, solution staff, time duration, escalation matrix, who, what, when. Due to this system, the workflow works properly. The customer mobile apps also helps us to enhance customer experience and smoothly run all processes.

By implementing major elements of the transformative process, real estate staff now have a crisp and modernized single view of the customer. Instead of that one dimension, it is a 360 panorama that allows us to serve the customer better. From our Head Office and in remote location we can check and suggest any solutions of problem and take fast decision for support, etc.

Various technology available in market like, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, SAP C4C, Zendesk, Freshdesk etc, depends upon the cost and services, customer can take any one of the solution. I personally like Zendesk, as solution created is very easy to use and the reports are very dynamics. The best customer service & experience is built with Zendesk. Zendesk solution are powerfull and flexible, ready to use mobile application, several reporting tools and dashboard reports etc.

Also, Cloud based and mobile apps, clever integration is critical to this transformation as we need our staff and customer to use applications anywhere. Our business needs to continue to meet and exceed the expectations of customers who are demanding more than ever before. We are in category where customers are demanding.

For us private cloud technology was the key, our business need to continue to meet and exceed expectations of customers who are demanding more than ever before. Cloud provide us with agility and speed to market that allows us to hit the right goals and outcomes no matter where we are. Due to this cloud security play an important role to safe guard all.

Overall we can say that Customer service by using technology is very important in the Real Estate business.

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