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CrowdStrike Drives the Convergence of Security and Observability with Introduction of Falcon LogScale and Falcon Complete LogScale


 CrowdStrike introduced the Falcon LogScale module, which enables organizations to log all their data and get answers in real time and at unprecedented scale. Falcon LogScale is the next evolution of Humio, which was acquired by CrowdStrike in March 2021. In addition, CrowdStrike also introduced Falcon Complete LogScale, a fully managed service that brings together the power of Falcon LogScale and the deep expertise of Falcon Complete (Managed Detection and Response) for highly-personalized log management operations and tailored observability.

Security and Observability: Delivered Through a Single Agent 

Log management has long been an essential process for IT teams to understand and assess issues in their environments, and use actionable insights to optimize resource availability, security and uptime. But as other IT tools and technologies have progressed over the years, traditional log management solutions are bogged down by inefficient processes and models.

With Falcon LogScale delivered from the CrowdStrike Falcon platform, CrowdStrike continues to drive the convergence of security and observability through a unified platform and single, lightweight agent. Falcon LogScale helps organizations operationalize the massive amounts of log and event data being generated today. For security teams, they can search data with sub-second latency to find patterns, and apply powerful analytics to address cybersecurity challenges. For DevOps and ITOps teams, they can use data to have real-time visibility of the health and performance of their infrastructure and applications.

Sumit Bhargava, Divisional Assistant VP at Great American Insurance Group, said, “Falcon LogScale has exceeded our expectations. With this solution, we are able to ingest significantly more log and event data than ever before and with our logs appearing instantly, we can search across all our events in under a second. There were many instances where this ability helped us detect and resolve issues much faster, which I’d say gave us a competitive advantage,” “Today, we’re one happy customer and we look forward to seeing CrowdStrike push the industry forward by converging security and observability with the CrowdStrike Falcon platform.”

In addition, with Falcon Complete LogScale, organizations can now have modern log management and observability capabilities in an expert-driven, managed solution. Falcon Complete LogScale combines the effectiveness of Falcon LogScale with CrowdStrike’s dedicated team of service professionals that delivers highly personalized log management expertise, enabling organizations to answer any query and gain valuable insights from all their logs in real time.

Michael Sentonas, chief technology officer at CrowdStrike, said, “Data without insight and context is meaningless, which is why CrowdStrike has committed to providing our customers with context that can enable them to see potential threats faster and conduct lightning-fast searches on log data,” “That speed enables threat hunting and troubleshooting at an unprecedented scale, now all in one place. The log management and observability capabilities we announced today will give security and IT teams a full, detailed picture, rather than just a piece of the puzzle. And in CrowdStrike fashion, we deliver these powerful capabilities from a single cloud and console — reducing complexity and increasing efficiency.”

According to a Total Economic Impact™ study by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by CrowdStrike, a composite organization who invested in Falcon LogScale to log, monitor, search and access large amounts of enterprise data in real time can potentially achieve a 210% return on investment (ROI) and generate $9.88 million in total benefits across a three-year period stemming from improved overall mean time to resolution (MTTR) and optimizing the work of DevOps, SecOps and ITOps teams.

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