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Contentsquare Launches New Speed Analysis, Find & Fix Capability, Part of 360 Degree Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM), To Help Businesses Optimise Site Performance & Conversions


Contentsquare, launched a new capability that allows businesses to better understand the impact of website speed on customer experience and conversions, and to improve website performance accordingly. Contentsquare’s new Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) capability combines both Speed Analysis Synthetic and Real User Monitoring (RUM) to give brands a complete diagnosis of speed and user interaction, including Core Web Vital metrics.

With customer expectations at an all-time high, the ability to provide fast navigation and seamless, intuitive digital experiences is key to business survival and revenue growth. According to a statistic published by Google, the chance of a bounce increased by 32% when a page load time went from one to three seconds. Contentsquare’s new DEM capability, which is available as part of its Find & Fix product offering, will equip teams with all the insights they need to optimise load times and speed up the customer journey.

Lucie Buisson, Chief Product Officer, Contentsquare, said, “First impressions are crucial, as we know from observing a 50% cross-industry bounce rate. What kind of first impression do you give when your website is lagging and not responding? Combining Speed Analysis Real User Monitoring (RUM) and Synthetic Monitoring means you can address site speed from all angles and provide your customers with the best web performance,” “Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) should be a priority for all brands who wish to optimise their web experience and be respectful of their customers’ time,” continued Buisson.

The combination of Speed Analysis RUM, Synthetic Monitoring, and digital experience demonstrates how web performance is at the conjunction of business and IT, and this combination of analytics and insights can help ensure that both business and IT work together to develop innovative strategies that will provide the best digital experience for their customers.

Synthetic Monitoring has multiple benefits, allowing you to monitor site speed over time and to benchmark the performance of your website against your competitors. By measuring the interactions of real users, Speed Analysis RUM adds a critical layer of insight to the understanding of how site performance affects experience, conversion and revenue.

Damien Jubeau, Senior Product Manager, Contentsquare, said, “Speed Analysis RUM is the perfect way to quantify how a slow site or improved performance affects not only customer behaviour but digital growth. It allows brands to detect unsuspected performance bottlenecks and surface opportunities for optimisation and to limit negative impact on revenue. Synthetic Monitoring, because it is fully configurable and stable over time, is perfect for establishing a baseline and benchmarking your speed to competing sites. Not only that, it also delivers precise tips on how to speed up navigation. By combining both, Contentsquare’s Digital Experience Monitoring leads the way to provide best-in-class insights, as part of an integrated suite including also session replay, journey, and in-page behavior analysis.” 

The impact of web performance on digital user experience and business is proven, as seen in Contentsquare’s Find & Fix offering, which quantifies the revenue impact of each and every second of page load, understands the technical root cause of conversion issues, and assists in spotting, validating, quantifying and retargeting users who experience issues. Contentsquare’s Find & Fix also includes discovery capabilities such as Session Replay, Technical Root Cause, Text Search, Error Analysis, Impact Quantification, Speed Analysis RUM and Synthetic.

Five key speed analysis metrics included in this release are Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), Time to First Byte (TTFB), and First Contentful Paint (FCP). These metrics help to improve Core Web Vitals, SEO, and organic traffic acquisition which is especially critical today. 

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