Confluent Introduces Apache Flink on Confluent Cloud for Stream Processing


Confluent expands Stream Governance capabilities with Data Portal, so teams can easily find all the real-time data streams in an organization

Confluent introduces Apache Flink on Confluent Cloud for streamlined data processing, enabling faster innovation with real-time insights. They also unveil Data Portal for discovering real-time data streams, Enterprise Clusters to reduce Apache Kafka® costs, and cost-saving storage options for Confluent Cloud.

Data streaming is a critical business requirement – 72% of IT leaders use it to power mission-critical systems, according to the 2023 Data Streaming report. But streaming data is only part of the puzzle. To derive the full value of data streams, organizations need to combine, enrich, and reshape those streams with other data from across their organization. In a data streaming platform, stream processing acts as the compute layer that turns data into valuable insights and action.

Companies globally are leveraging data streaming with Apache Kafka to power real-time experiences,”

Shaun Clowes, Chief Product Officer at Confluent

As one of the top projects of the Apache Software Foundation, Flink has emerged as the de facto standard for stream processing. Flink’s high performance, rich feature set, and robust developer community make it one of the most popular choices for large-scale, high throughput, and low-latency stream processing. Since Kafka has become the standard technology for data streaming, Flink is often used in tandem with Kafka to support companies’ mission-critical workloads. 

“Companies globally are leveraging data streaming with Apache Kafka to power real-time experiences,” said Shaun Clowes, Chief Product Officer at Confluent. “While data streaming connects data across an organization, stream processing tools like Apache Flink make it possible to act on that data in real time and accelerate the development of new use cases. Our managed Kafka and Flink offerings are like the peanut butter and jelly of data streaming.”

Flink makes it possible for ride sharing companies to match drivers and riders, for banks to alert users on fraudulent activity, and for social media companies to offer personalized content recommendations.

“Stream processing is critical for identifying and protecting against security risks in real time,” said Vinay Krishna Patnana, Engineering Manager at Cisco Meraki. “With Confluent’s fully managed Flink offering, we can access, aggregate, and enrich data from IoT sensors, smart cameras, and Wi-Fi analytics to swiftly take action on potential threats in real time, such as intrusion detection.”

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