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Offerings with New Line of Distributed Cloud Services and Cloud-Based Analytics Software Expanded by Quantum

The New line of Distributed Cloud Services Expanded in Operational Services and Storage-as-a-Service Offerings

Quantum announced Distributed Cloud Services, a new line of operational services and storage-as-a-service offerings. Quantum Distributed Cloud Services are designed to enable customers to redirect valuable IT and engineering resources to focus on meeting business goals, improving the overall user experience and maximizing the return on investment for storage, while maintaining the control and security of an on-premise infrastructure. These services are powered by Quantum’s new Cloud-Based Analytics (CBA) software, which serves as a central hub where Quantum products are designed to connect to send log files and other telemetry data about their environment, making them part of the Quantum Distributed Cloud.  Quantum’s global services team is then positioned to proactively manage the customer’s environment, either as an operational service or as a pay-per-use Storage as a Service offering. 

Key Benefits of operational service includes eliminating the burden storage management places on IT and engineering resources, reducing downtime and improve the user experience, maintaining the control and security of an on-premise infrastructure and maximize storage ROI. On the other hand, the key benefits of Storage as a Service offering involves reducing upfront acquisition costs, reducing operational and administrative resources and costs by only paying for storage used, eliminating unplanned capital spend and forklift upgrades, improving control and security with an on-premise infrastructure, avoiding data access fees or unpredictable charges, reducing downtime and achieve better performance.

At the core of Quantum’s new services is CBA software.  Quantum designed CBA software to enable customers, partners and Quantum’s support team to proactively manage and monitor their environments across the globe from a central hub.  Many of Quantum’s largest media customers, enterprises, and some of the world’s largest service provides are using this software to actively manage their Quantum products and technology today.

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