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Citrix solutions can now help deploy your desktops to cloud securely and effectively

Hybrid working models have led to more and more organizations deploying virtual desktops. Workforce distribution has resulted in IT teams facing challenges related to network security and data breach. This is especially true for organizations that have implemented bring your own device (BYOD) programs and allow employees to connect to public networks, as standardizing security across both unsanctioned devices and networks is an extremely difficult task.  

Citrix managed DaaS solutions supports IT teams protect corporate data and provide easily accessible virtual desktops for remote or mobile employees. Because all corporate data is stored securely in the cloud rather than on individual devices, end users can work securely from anywhere, with any device, on any network. By separating endpoints and corporate data, your organization’s resources stay protected even if devices are compromised. 

Additionally, robust DaaS solutions allow you to gain complete control over who has access to corporate data and programs, as well as when they have access. This high level of control also addresses another major concern about secure desktops within remote-work environments: With BYOD and other unsanctioned end-user devices storing more sensitive information than ever before, cyber criminals are more motivated to target them — especially when employees are connected to unsanctioned networks in public places. What’s more, many end users may not understand what to look out for when it comes to security threats on their individual devices. 

Rather than opting for on-premises VDI, an advanced cloud-centric DaaS solution ensures sensitive information is stored on a secure cloud server, which adds more layers of protection. This means cyber criminals can’t just pluck information from an end-user device. Not to mention, any potential user error (e.g., losing a device) will not automatically cause a big security issue, because the data and apps will be protected behind end-user credentials and will not be easily accessible on the device itself.  

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