CELLSMART Research Reveals Chile Leads Latin America in Mobile Performance


Network testing on-the-ground across Latin America shows Chile, Panama, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Brazil are delivering the fastest mobile download speeds 

CELLSMART, the cellular intelligence division of SmartCIC, has released wireless performance data from Latin America that shows Chile is leading the region in both maximum download (371.7 Mbps) and upload (102.5 Mbps) speeds. Panama followed in second place with a 249.0 Mbps maximum download speed, more than 120.0 Mbps than the regional leader. Guatemala and Venezuela tied for second place in maximum upload speed with both delivering tests of 63.3 Mbps.

The CELLSMART Global Cellular Performance Survey shows Chile had the highest average download speeds across 3G, 4G and 5G networks with 72.4 Mbps. Uruguay (62.5 Mbps), Dominican Republic (40.4 Mbps), Brazil (39.0 Mbps) and El Salvador (32.1 Mbps) ranked in the Top 5 for average download speeds. Average upload speeds were led by Panama (25.5 Mbps) and followed by Peru (24.1), Chile (20.1), Brazil (17.0 Mbps) and Dominican Republic (16.5 Mbps) rounding out the Top 5.


  1. Chile – 371.7
  2. Panama – 249.0
  3. Guatemala – 239.0
  4. Dominican Republic – 186.5
  5. Brazil – 172.9


  1. Chile – 102.5
  2. Guatemala – 63.3  
  3. Venezuela – 63.3
  4. Dominican Republic – 61.0
  5. Brazil – 56.1

“The survey shows that the 5G revolution in Latin America is only just starting. Cellular performance varies widely across markets and metro areas with Chile delivering the most consistent results of any LATAM country. There is a lot of room for growth and development of local cellular networks, especially when compared to the average upload and download speeds we’re seeing in North America and Western Europe,” said Toby Forman, CEO at SmartCIC. “Speed tests were largely conducted on 4G and 3G across the region and show that network quality, speed and latency will improve when 5G is deployed more widely.”

CELLSMART collected data from 9,950 network speed tests in the region between March 25 2022 and October 31 2022. The survey provides a snapshot of actual performance across cellular technologies across the globe. CELLSMART uses the data it collects in its planning, network selection and service development and monitoring for fixed wireless enterprise customers.

4G registered an average indoor download speed of 37.97 Mbps and an upload speed of 16.05 Mbps in Latin America. Outdoors, the download speed was noticeably lower at 27.47 Mbps, but stayed consistent in upload speed at 16.79 Mbps. 3G registered just 7.39 Mbps and 2.94 Mbps for indoor download and upload average speeds, and 8.94 Mbps and 8.62 Mbps for outdoor download and upload average speeds.

“Markets across Latin America are developing rapidly. The results show that 3G and 4G are still providing a reliable foundation for wireless connectivity across the region. 5G is growing and overtime we will see an increasing number of speed test that show the power of 5G locally in across markets in Latin America. In markets that are transforming quickly, it is critical that enterprises and service providers have access to accurate cellular performance data,” said Forman. “CELLSMART is constantly tracking and reporting accurate local intelligence enable service provider partners to capture the opportunity in fixed wireless.” 

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