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Bahwan CyberTek Patents Intelligent Decision Synchronization Technology

Bahwan CyberTek announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued a patent on the company’s flagship predictive analytics platform RETINA. The patent titled ‘Intelligent decision synchronization for discrete and continuous process industries’ will help industrial customers improve business productivity by minimizing operational risks.

The ‘Intelligent decision synchronization’ patent defines the capability of the RETINA platform to use historical data, correlate to the business context and provide real-time insights to users in process industries. The platform can combine data from multiple sources, build analytical models to detect potential equipment failures and recommend specific actions to prevent unexpected downtimes.

Everyday operations of process-intensive industries such as Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Manufacturing involve multiple systems that deal with a large set of data. Unfortunately, this data from disparate systems like ERP, control systems, production assets is not integrated into a unified platform. This limits industrial business users from gaining a single source of truth, ultimately resulting in equipment breakdowns and production loss. A platform like RETINA can help customers address this gap. 

Bahwan CyberTek has been actively helping many global industrial customers with RETINA, including renewable power producers, cement manufacturers and petrochemical companies. This USPTO approved patent is an umbrella patent for RETINA. Bahwan CybertTek has increased its R&D investment and continues to work on sub-patents aimed at providing vertical-specific solutions. 

S. Durgaprasad, Co-Founder, Director and Group CEO, Bahwan CyberTek said, “This is a milestone achievement for an industry-leading IP like RETINA. The patent has come at a time when there is a rapid adoption of digital technologies in the shift towards Industry 4.0. This is likely to fast-track multiple industries into the next stage of evolution and deliver differentiated value to all stakeholders involved.” 

On the patent achievement, P. Rajasekaran, Chief Product Officer, Bahwan CyberTek said, “RETINA has been helping renewable power producers, especially wind and solar farm owners, to minimize asset downtimes and improve production yield. One of our international customers utilizes the platform to predict future failure of the WTG assets with a higher degree of accuracy by providing early warning apart from day-to-day operational improvement by identifying pitch/yaw system issues for better efficiency. Issues attributing to 1.7% drop in energy production were detected and prioritized for repair to boost performance. With this patent in place, we aim to build more industry-specific products.” 

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