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AVEVA and PlanetTogether Announce Strategic Partnership to Optimize F&B Manufacturing Operations

AVEVA  has strategically partnered with PlanetTogether, the leading Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS) platform provider, to bring scheduling optimization capabilities to manufacturers looking to deliver digital transformation and sustainable solutions across their industrial operations. The partnership adds robust new capabilities to the AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System (MES) in terms of visual planning and scheduling, multi-plant production planning and production schedule optimization, further broadening AVEVA’s portfolio of Industry 4.0 manufacturing solutions.

The combined offering leverages the strengths of both companies, to optimize performance across the value chain for manufacturers seeking to deploy integrated production planning and execution systems in order to increase their agility and supply chain resilience and deliver increased business returns in a volatile market. As a manufacturing planning and scheduling system provider, PlanetTogether resolves production and operational constraints and its integration with AVEVA MES enables supply chain planners to conduct realistic, integrated sales and operations planning based on actual plant capacity and material availability, with full visibility to progress against plan for on-time delivery at the lowest cost.

“Our partnership with AVEVA enables us to broaden our reach to new players across the industrial ecosystem. We chose to work with them because they stood head and shoulders above the industry in terms of delivering transformative digital technology to enhance customer digital collaboration in order to drive higher operational efficiency, quality, and agility to maintain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic markets,” said Jim Cerra, Co-founder and CEO of PlanetTogether.

“In the last year alone, the landscape for manufacturers has changed irrevocably, driven by the increasing need for enterprise agility, sustainability and value chain optimization. Manufacturers are integrating their operations into their supply chain systems, as a result of the impact of pandemic,” commented Harpreet Gulati, Senior Vice-President, Planning & Operations Business Unit at AVEVA.

“Our partnership also speaks to our joint commitment to sustainability. Together, PlanetTogether and AVEVA enable customers to add sustainability drivers, such as energy use or greenhouse gas (GHG) to the optimization rules of the production schedule, resulting in less waste, and more responsible use of resources for production,” Gulati continued.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling, delivered by PlanetTogether, simultaneously plans and schedules production based on available materials, labor, and machine capacity. The software, which has been successfully deployed in the Food and Beverage (F&B) and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) manufacturing industries, provides a proven vertical fit for AVEVA MES. The integration of both production planning and manufacturing execution into a single digital system represents the next step for manufacturers for growth and increased profitability.

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