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Athenta Technologies Brings Monitoring & Control System for Metro Rails

Athenta Technologies’ next-gen TRANSDAQ Monitoring & Control System can deep dive integration into the Urban Transport systems and subsystems from a unified console.

Athenta Technologies has released its next-gen TRANSDAQ Monitoring & Control System that can do deep dive integration into the Urban Transport systems and subsystems from a unified console.

TRANSDAQ is a Manager of Managers (MOM) a system that can integrate with the Transport & Metro Rail systems, and one can save the cost of all EMSs and NMSs for all the subsystems for any Rail project; and helps in building unified and security envelop over all the physically accessible locations in a rail project.

TRANSDAQ maximizes the efficiency in operations & maintenance, to optimize costs and delivering high uptime for metro systems and customer service. The system is highly robust and scalable with the capability of working in a distributed environment where a cluster of Athenta Appliances will work in a multilayered architecture, assuring Availability, Reliability, Sustainability & Efficiency for Metro Rail Infrastructure Management.

Athenta’s Management Appliances enables metro administration to integrate its complete infrastructure to deliver tangible business outcomes. This system facilitates effective communication between the disparate subsystems and devices for proactively alerting the operations staff on any performance degradations or changes in operational status. This, in turn, helps in instantly making aware of the cause of the deterioration, so that the equipment or systems could be changed or repaired or put in maintenance.

Athenta TRANSDAQ solution is designed to meet the changing demands of the Metro Rails, and enabling the collection, processing, analysis, and reporting of critical data in an actionable format with life-cycle information on assets and resources. TRANSDAQ is an application-based product that performs the Infrastructure Management for the Metro Rail and it has now become the preferred telecom-SCADA Platform for Metro Rails in India,” said Gopal Joshi, Director Sales, Athenta Technologies.

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