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Arrow PC and Dell Technologies Bet Big on Endpoint Security for Enterprises

Digital transformation and virtualization of operations in enterprises as well as other sectors have resulted in the vanishing of safety perimeters putting organizations at risk. Organizations are finding it challenging to manage the growing number of remote locations as more business-critical data moves to multiple edges and distributed IT sites. There was a time when ensuring protection to our servers, networks, desktops and laptops was paramount and yet the process was simple. But in today’s age of modernization where smart buildings, electronic gadgets like smartphones, tablets, IoT technologies or even smart watches help us power through the tech-savvy world, we leave ourselves and those associated with us vulnerable to cyber threats where threat actors wait to ambush and spring on those who provide an opportunity to be targeted. Cyber security suite and cyber recovery solutions based on Sheltered Harbor guidelines enable organizations to prepare for an extreme operational outage or data destruction event that renders traditional disaster recovery and business continuity plans ineffective. This will provide them with the ability to revert to uncompromised data and operationalize this data in a manner that promotes sector stability.

“Modern work demands a modern approach to protecting the end user workspace from threats. CISOs need to take a defined approach that will deploy a robust security solution to secure the endpoints from cyber threats at all times for business continuity. Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise is a cybersecurity suite with automated threat prevention, detection, and response capabilities. This will give a brief description on the functions and features of Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise. It provides authentication, file-based data encryption and advanced threat protection, which the company said will allow businesses to cover both sides of the security coin – data protection and threat prevention,” said Gurpreet Singh, Managing Director at Arrow PC Network Pvt Ltd (Titanium Partner – Dell Technologies).

Covid-19 pandemic forced organizations and CISOs to re-strategize and put in more focus on endpoint security. As per a survey 89 percent, CISOs said they are focused on cyber security and 82 percent, are working on remote enablement. The cyber threats can be effectively mitigated by following two-pronged strategy, that is, preventive strategy with the cyber security suite and post-incident strategy with the cyber recovery solution. Dell’s Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise helps to focus on the priorities with its built-in security, comprehensive threat management and data security features that help protect your competitive advantage:

SafeGuard and Response – The Dell SafeGuard and Response portfolio provides a comprehensive approach to endpoint threat management. Artificial intelligence and machine learning proactively detect and block endpoint attacks. Security experts help hunt for and remediate identified threats across the endpoint, network and cloud – giving you peace of mind while ensuring unidentified threats don’t slow down your business.

SafeData – Enables end users to smartly and safely collaborate wherever and however they need by protecting sensitive data on devices and securing information in the cloud.

 SafeBIOS Events & Indicators of Attack (IoA) – It guards the organization against stealthy and silent attacks utilizing Dell’s off-host BIOS verification. These controls mitigate the risk of BIOS tampering as well as bring them to attention, allowing teams to quickly find and quarantine any infected PCs. It helps to detect advanced endpoint threats using behavior-based threat detection, at the BIOS level.

 SafeID – It keeps devices safe and helps them stay protected from malware attacks with an exclusive security chip that stores end users’ authentication credentials. This hardware-based, storage solution better protects the information by keeping it isolated and out of attackers’ reach.

Even the most successful cyber-security system in the industry is prone to vulnerabilities and security loopholes. These vulnerabilities stand as a medium to let the vulnerabilities enter your IT corporate network. With current trends in BYOD practices and with increased mobile threats, the need for an effective endpoint security is vital. It’s equally important to prepare for a zero-day to help you recover from the attack, building a layered defence based on the NIST framework addressing protection and recovery. Dell Technologies Cyber Recovery Solution will ensure the availability of the golden copy of data which is securely protected in the cyber vault. This CRS solution is the only certified solution based on Sheltered Harbor guidelines and comprises a cyber-vault coupled with AI and ML based analytics software connected to the backup target through an air gap module which negates the possibility of a cyber-attacker to penetrate the vault and compromise it.

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