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Akamai and Fujitsu Form Strategic Relationship to Combat Rising Cyber Threats


Akamai Technologies, Inc., and Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand have entered a strategic relationship to assist organisations in Australia to defend against the threat of ransomware and cybersecurity attacks affecting critical infrastructure and digital assets. This is an expansion to the companies’ long-standing relationship in Japan. 

The strategic relationship will see Akamai’s market-leading microsegmentation solution bolstered by Fujitsu’s leadership as a managed services provider, backed by the company’s extensive services portfolio across hybrid IT, data centres, cloud and cyber security.  

With increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats impacting all industries including the public sector, financial, energy and healthcare sectors, the relationship will allow ANZ customers to better secure data and critical infrastructure and mitigate cyberattacks. The companies will be working together to highlight the importance of microsegmentation in a modern architecture required to secure hybrid IT environments.   

Microsegmentation is regarded as one of the fundamental projects in a Zero Trust initiative, alongside Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). With the acquisition of Guardicore in 2021, Akamai has further developed its microsegmentation capabilities, helping organisations reduce the attack surface, better contain breaches and achieve regulatory compliance.  

Parimal Pandya, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, APJ at Akamai, said with ransomware attacks and supply chains under constant threat and deeply vulnerable, it’s imperative for organisations to strengthen their cyber defences. 

“Akamai’s microsegmentation capability helps organisations to better secure their data, applications, servers and critical infrastructure and be better protected from ransomware attacks. We are looking forward to providing differentiated offerings to ensure ANZ organisations have the necessary tools to prevent and mitigate cyber-attacks that can cripple an organisation both from a reputational as well as financial perspective,” said Pandya. 

Graeme Beardsell, Fujitsu Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Asia Pacific said, “Fujitsu and Akamai have a long heritage and expertise in providing organisations with industry leading security solutions. The Fujitsu and Akamai relationship spans over a decade in Japan and we are pleased to extend this into the ANZ region, which is a key market for us. This relationship signifies the start of a potential extended cooperation across the Asia Pacific region.”

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