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Accelerate your data migrations to cloud with xForm Solutions

No more of those late overbudget never complete cloud data migration initiatives. No more of the stress and anxiety of quality uncertainty in the outcomes and missed performance target. No more worries about the technical debt you have been carrying for the past several years.

Businesses face several challenges in their migration of data and analytics workloads to cloud native platforms viz, lack of knowledge about the inner workings of mission critical workloads, fragility due to complex customization of proprietary code, tedious effort and quality issues with manual conversion of complex workloads, lack of predictability leading to cost and time risks etc.

xForm Solutions( partners with you to ensure that your cloud data migration initiatives are successfully completed 5X faster and at least 50% cheaper, all the while reducing your technical debt and modernizing your data workloads with 100% guarantee on outcome accuracy.

xForm Solutions, an enterprise based in Bangalore, offering best-in-class products and services globally in the data and analytics transformation domain, has announced the launch of their ETL migration pluginswithin their “xForm Accelerate” product and ETL assessment plugin within their “xForm Insights” product for Informatica. With this launch, xForm Solutions have brought to businesses a key capability in their cloud modernization journey.The Informatica ETL migration plugin accelerates the migration from Informatica ETL platform to cloud-agnostic but cloud native Spark based ETL platform implemented through multiple languages of customer’s choice namely, Python, Scala, Java and R.The Informatica ETL assessment plugin helps customers to not only prioritize their workloads for migration but also builds a knowledge repository reducing their technical debt.

xForm offers unique value proposition to the data and cloud domain through their assessment and automation products built on the foundation of xForm’s proprietary language, grammar and the engine. This engine enables the highly configurable and fully automated plugins across multiple categories of products such as ETL, EDW and Reporting. This suite of plugins for the assessment of any legacy system and “Any=>Any” conversion from any legacy system to any new-age system drive the cost, speed and accuracy benefits as well.Most importantly, this automation engine continuously improves migration accuracy through cognitive learning of xForm grammar.

Cognitive Learning of xForm Grammar that drives continuous improvement in the Engine performance on accuracy of conversion

In summary, their “xForm Insights” product addresses the lack of knowledge and visibility of the legacy systems and offers detailed insights about their inner workings, thus reducing the technical debt of the company, reducing the risk of migration of fragile but mission critical systems and prioritize the systems for migration based on their complexity and potential for optimization. Next, their flagship “xForm Accelerate” product offers automation driven acceleration in the migration of the complex legacy workloads in “Lift & Shift” mode as well as “xForm-Modernize” mode. While both modes migrate all code types across EDW, ETL and reporting to a cloud native outcome, the “xForm-Modernize” mode enables further optimization for lifelong cost-savings in future usage. Both “xForm Insights” and “xForm Accelerate” are offered as SaaS products with a simple and intuitive no-code UI with subscription licensing model, but can also be deployed to a private cloud, if you choose so.

While the SaaS products offer you flexibility of usage, if you have well defined requirements with a known project timeline and prefer a service model, xForm Solutions’ Transformation Implementation Service offering “xForm Build“, a managed service with Silver and Gold model, addresses that need. In this comprehensive managed service,xForm team will take full responsibility for ensuring 100% migration of your workloads or as per the acceptance criteria you wish to apply. Of course, they offer technology transfer, training and documentation to your team and also a maintenance contract if you would like them to take care of the same. In addition, with their high-powered team of data architects and SMEs, xForm also offer data transformation consulting service “xForm Discovery” to businesses to help them define the cloud migration objectives, strategy, blueprint and roadmap.

Beyond Informatica assessment and conversion, xForm Solutions team has aggressive targets on their product roadmap comprising of plugins for source EDW systems such as Teradata and Netezza, other ETL format such as Data Stage as well as Snowflake for the target cloud platform, of course all of these addressing both the “Lift & Shift” as well as the “xForm-Modernize” models. The power of the xForm grammar and engine enables very quick and accurate development of these plugins and beyond.

Making a special note of xForm’s unique engine and grammar, Mr. Rajendra Chaudhari, xForm Solutions Partner, commented on the launch of Informatica ETL assessment and conversion capability said, “This launch fully demonstrates the power of our ability to develop plugins for migration between any source and target combination within two weeks. This capability to prioritize and quickly deliver to customer specific requirements offers huge value to for our partners and clients”. Mr. Sanjay Chaturvedi, xForm Solutions Partner, attributed this success to the power of xForm’s DNA saying, “The expertise of our SMEs and architects, our delivery and professional service processes as well as our passion for the data domain and our mantra of customer success are the pillars of our ability to build such offerings.”

xForm’s brief video on their offerings can be accessed at

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