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A10 streamlines application management across hybrid environments

Controller-based A10 Harmony platform now powers industry’s only multi-cloud, multi-service solution that centrally coordinates secure application services and open-source solutions across hybrid environments

A10 Networks introduced a significant solution that offers multi-cloud, multi-service management that brings to life its ongoing vision of harmonizing application delivery and security.

The new developments center on the A10 Harmony application delivery and security platform, offering a multi-tenant, highly scalable controller architecture that incorporates real-time analytics at a per-app level and central management and orchestration of secure application services across hybrid environments – from physical data centers to public, private and hybrid clouds.

The new A10 Harmony platform’s controller and analytics capabilities fundamentally change the way secure application services are delivered, protected, and managed. Because A10 Harmony uniquely spans traditional data centers and clouds, it is now the industry’s only controller-based platform that can deliver analytics, configuration and orchestration across such hybrid application environments.

At the heart of this solution are advanced, per-application analytics capabilities tied to the company’s new A10 Harmony Controller. The controller now collectively integrates analytics for A10’s hardware and virtual Thunder portfolio and cloud-native Lightning offerings. The centralized visibility and intelligence derived from per-app analytics across this portfolio greatly increase the efficiency of A10 customers’ operations teams in enhancing end-user experience. A10’s per-app analytics help improve capacity planning and optimize IT infrastructure for customers with elastic cloud environments, and among other capabilities, help dramatically shorten troubleshooting times and proactively provide alerts on performance or security anomalies.

A10’s analytics capabilities allow customers to effectively manage app workloads across the entire spectrum of modern hybrid deployments and legacy data centers – unlike other vendors, whose answer to the cloud is to one-dimensionally require specific “cloud appliance” products that have been retrofitted to accept a subset of cloud workloads.

The Harmony Controller integration with management and analytics capabilities is available across A10’s portfolio of secure application services, including application load balancing and app delivery, a web application firewall and SSL inspection.

The A10 Harmony Controller is available in two deployment models. The first allows organizations to use it as a SaaS offering managed by A10, making it very simple, quick and cost-effective to consume. The controller is also available as a customer-managed, scalable software solution within a customer’s environment in data centers or clouds, including VMware powered clouds, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

“A10 now offers a unique solution that bridges the traditional challenges customers have of managing multiple applications across multiple data center and cloud environments,” said A10 Networks CTO Raj Jalan.” We are giving customers the visibility, performance, and security across this on-premise and cloud spectrum that they demand.”

“As a result, our customers have agility and flexibility as their app and business needs evolve. Our expanded A10 portfolio delivers the level of agility customers need to efficiently and effectively manage secure application services, the flexibility they need to continuously meet emerging needs, and the scalability to satisfy their performance requirements.”

The A10 Harmony controller and Thunder ADC integration, HAProxy load balancer analytics, and native Google Cloud load balancing and WAF offerings will be available in Q2 2017. Integration with other A10 services including SSL inspection, Carrier Grade NAT and converged firewall will be available starting in 2H 2017.

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