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6 Reasons Why Modern Businesses can’t Afford to Ignore Mobility

There is no doubt in the fact that the working patterns are changing drastically. Gone are the days when work was defined by remaining tied to desks and the traditional 8 to 5 jobs. From the entrepreneurs’ front also, the corporate world is witnessing a shift. With a view to advance on the technology curve and increase profitability, companies are introducing new products and opening branch offices across the geography. Widened product portfolio and varied places to market brings in problems such as break in internal communication and connectivity at the remote locations. This is where the whole concept of business mobility comes in picture.

What is Mobility?

Before counting on advantages of mobility, let’s get a fair idea what mobility exactly means and why businesses need to make mobility a mainstream strategy soon. Mobility is an umbrella term used to describe the techniques and strategies adopted by the companies for improved business connectivity beyond the boundaries of a single headquarter.

Reasons why Mobility is Unavoidable for Businesses

Access of Business Information on the Move: Whether it is an established enterprise or a start-up, proper flow of information boosts productivity and team efficiency. Exchange of real-time information from the mobile employees allow entrepreneurs to take best decisions based on the current data. Field staff can also easily access the current inventory and other business details and register new sales order or drop a service request from their current location.

BYOD or CYOD Environment: Exponential increase in the mobile workforce has forced the entrepreneurs to buy separate devices for every individual. Feature-rich mobility extensions such as Matrix VARTA allows workforce to attend their desk extension from their smartphones or laptops. With features like Presence Sharing, Chat, Audio Conference and Instant Messaging, employees can carry out critical business functions from anywhere and on their own devices. Flexibility to use the Softphone from any device allows entrepreneurs to improve collaboration amongst the employees without incurring any extra costs. Furthermore, sharing information using your own device is easier for the employees and reduces their turn-around time.

Privacy: Using your own device for business communication often leads to privacy threat. In traditional business environment, employees’ personal number was the only point of contact between the client and the workforce. Today, advanced mobility extensions allow field staff to connect with the clients and their team using desk extension number, thus eliminating this problem as well.

Improved Connectivity Boosts Productivity: One of the most leveraged benefits of Mobility is easy connectivity. There are many instances where people from different parts of the world work on the same project. Mobility extensions allow them to bridge this gap and share every update about the project easily and contribute to growth of the organization.

Create a Brand Image: Staying abreast with the evolving technology is very important. Now, products based on the latest technology and the one which can be scaled as per the technological advancement acquires top spot in the purchasing list. Failing to change as per the technological trends gives customer an impression that the company won’t be able to deliver satisfying results. Therefore, to pose as an advanced company, it is imperative for businesses to embrace mobility.

Easy Partner Participation: Mobility help entrepreneurs build an amicable relation with their partners too. Giving partners an easy access to all the required information allows them to take quick decision from the location and device convenient to them resulting in increased and faster business transactions.

A Sneak Peek in to the Future

Present day mobility solution may be crippled with the threat of data confidentiality, but evolution of the landscape will solve all the associated problems. Wearable technology, IoT (Internet of Things) and improved mobile applications aiding streamlined communication is expected to dictate the future of mobility applications.


Looking at the numerous benefits of mobility, it is very clear that businesses will have to invest in the business communication solutions very soon. However, the effectiveness of these apps depends on the diligence of a user and the implementation expertise.

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