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5 Trends to Watch out for in the IOT and Home Automation Space in 2020

Smart technology has been growing at an exponential rate and it is prophesied to further accelerate. IoT is truly a technological tour de force that has revolutionised our lives. As we edge closer to the next decade, here are 5 trends in the IoT and Home Automation space that are most exciting:

Smarter home devices

Smart Home devices that were previously considered a technology of the future are now are a reality. Currently, there are a range of smart home devices like smart lights, safety and security devices, Wi-Fi- enabled switches etc. In the year 2020, I feel smart home devices will go beyond convenience and offer solutions that will ensure reduced power consumption and energy costs. I also think that smart kitchen devices like refrigerators that creates shopping list to virtual assistant integrated toasters will become more commonplace. Overall, many of the things that we had heard about will become more mainstream.

Integration with AI 

In the next phase of smart technology revolution, IoT is likely to get smarter. Businesses are already incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically machine learning, into their IoT application. I believe that the ability of machine learning to identify trends and patterns will take smart technology to the next level. For instance, it can easily detect anomalies in data that smart devices and sensors generate like pressure, air quality, sound and vibration. In 2020 we can expect to see more AI supported devices that will enables users to make more accurate data driven decisions. 

Smart cities

The world is rapidly moving towards urbanisation and there is a rise in the number of technologically advanced cities—Smart cities. Many countries are moving towards smart cities using IoT platforms to monitor as well as manage infrastructure and operations in the city—from traffic flow to adaptive energy systems. In the new decade, I expect to see a growth in smart cities, especially in India, where data from Artificial Intelligence can be used to unlock opportunities and drive innovation in healthcare, traffic management, energy management and public safety. 

Advanced Sensory Technology

A lot of ongoing research focusses on digital intelligent sensors. These sensors can both capture sensing data and interpret them for various applications. In the year 2020, it is likely that sensor fusion will move towards digitization and multi-sensor integration. This will help predict and alert users about potential devastating crisis. The home automation space is expected to witness more advanced sensory technology that is not limited to just security and safety equipment.     

Smarter Voice Assistants

Today, smart voice assistants have made their way in every household. This technology is rapidly improving and is likely to stay the course as companies across industries race to release their own voice technology integration. In 2020, we are likely to see an improved voice assistant that is not only able to accurately understand us but also gauge the context and tone of the inquiry while offering solutions. This technology is also expected to go beyond the ability to control electrical and home appliances. In a multi-lingual nation like India, I also anticipate companies to launch bi-lingual or multi-lingual voice assistants in the next year.

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