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2023 Predictions- Cloud Services


Stephen Ludlow – Sr. Vice President, Product Management

Balkanization of the Cloud will continue when it comes to data residency

In order to support national security, to protect their citizens’ personal data, or to regulate and protect specific sectors like finance and healthcare, governments are imposing a combination of data residency requirements and compliance requirements for cloud. Navigating global data privacy and sovereignty laws has become a big issue for global companies. It also means that a key promise of the cloud – a single application to support a global audience – is fading quickly. Organizations like OpenText are investing heavily to support Public Cloud and Private Cloud applications that support data sovereignty and regulations, but this will come at a cost both in operations and complexity.

Private Cloud will keep growing

A pattern is emerging as organizations continue to adopt cloud. Infrastructure and SaaS is where most organizations started – very much the low hanging fruit for reducing IT costs and addressing new use cases. Now organizations are looking to take their most mission-critical applications and use case to the cloud. These applications support key business processes and considerable investment has been made in end-user training, integration points and configuration. The next step in cloud adoption for many organizations is to bring their existing applications to the cloud. OpenText has developed a world class Private Cloud that ensures organizations can continue to garner the benefits of their investment in their applications and, at the same time, reap the benefits of cloud when it comes to cost savings, agility, and staying up to date with the latest release.

AI/ML becomes a feature

While there are still lots of science projects out there for AI/ML, not all enterprises have ways or means for the necessary AI/MLOps to take on big Data Science Projects. But every organization wants to improve productivity, improve insights and delight end-users. AI and ML have the power to do this. A few examples include; where in capture, end-user input and corrections are used to improve capture and reduce manual input over time, where it is possible to identify the most relevant passages in documents that match search queries, and many more use cases throughout Information Management.

Supply Chain diversification requires democratizations

During the pandemic, many organizations realized their supply chains were brittle and overly dependent on a small number of suppliers or specific geographies. For organizations to diversify their supply chains, they need to look to trading partners of all sizes. EDI, and the associated reduced cost, improved automation, reduction in errors and agility has been the domain of large companies. EDI needs to be democratized to small to medium enterprises.  OpenText is democratizing EDI by providing more self-service, integrations to the ERPs the SMB’s, simplified on-boarding and support for more standards and more countries around the world.

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