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10 Datacenter Tech predictions for 2022 by Kalyan Muppaneni


” Innovations in use of renewable energy sources takes center stage in Datacenter investments and technology spend in 2022″

Kalyan Muppaneni, Founder & CEO, Pi DATACENTERS.

As we have entered into year 2022, we can see a lot of new trends emerging in the tech landscape. Datacenter industry is also expected to go through some changes. Following is the 10 point prediction by Kalyan Muppaneni, Founder & CEO, Pi DATACENTERS as far as Datacenter industry is concerned.

1. Sustainability: Utilization of Renewable Energy trend will continue to increase in 2022 and Beyond

2. Automation at the Data center level is even more critical post-pandemic. Significant efforts in automating Data centers especially after the pandemic is required in order to remove manual intervention and being able to handle exceptions

3. Hyper Scalability: The demand for Data centers continues especially in India. There will be a  combined capacity of over 100mw built in the year 2022.This demand will continue over the next decade. Ability to scale for additional capacity becomes more important.

4. Chip shortage may continue: Acknowledging the global chip shortage, the Data centers will need to plan their requirements much in advance to eliminate risk shortage at the last minute.

5. Edge Computing: Edge will continue to expand where some of the compute moves to the Edge more than ever before and decentralization becomes the main agenda.

6. Crypto: Crypto occupies a significant part of the demand for data centers in 2022 and will continue to play a major role as far as new capacity requirements in future.

7. Increased Security: Increased Security is of paramount importance in this volatile environment. Stringent security norms are to be practiced to the T in order to host hybrid environments and overall dynamics of Data centers.

8. Artificial Intelligence will continue to take center stage

9. New innovation in energy storage is relevant to data centers 

10. Cloud continues to grow in scale where enterprises will continue to move to the cloud model for scalable and server solutions.

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