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2014 sees Surge in POS Malware Dell Report

Dell Annual Threat report sheds light on emerging security risks

Dell has released its annual Threat Report, which leverages research from Dell’s Global Response Intelligence Defense (GRID) network and telemetry data from Dell SonicWALL network traffic to identify emerging threats and equip organizations of all sizes with insights to improve their security posture.

Analyzing Dell data sources and the 2014 threat landscape, this year’s report found a surge in point-of-sale (POS) malware, increased malware traffic within encrypted (https) web protocols, as well as twice the number of attacks on supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems over 2013. The Dell Security Threat Report aims to equip organizations with practical, evidence-based advice to help them more effectively prepare for and prevent attacks, even from threat sources yet to emerge.

“Everyone knows the threats are real and the consequences are dire, so we can no longer blame lack of awareness for the attacks that succeed,” said Patrick Sweeney, executive director, Dell Security. “Hacks and attacks continue to occur, not because companies aren’t taking security measures, but because they aren’t taking the right ones.”

Forrester Research notes, “The major breaches of 2013 and 2014 brought to the fore the lack of security surrounding point of sale (POS) systems, the risks involved with third parties and trusted business partners, and the new attack vectors opened through critical vulnerabilities such as Heartbleed.”

Murli Mohan, Director and General Manager, Dell Software Group, India, said, “Mega trend such as BYOD, big data, cloud, mobile computing, Internet of things, and mobile apps continue to disrupt the cyber behavior. Today, organizations need to be well-equipped to ensure protection from both existing and previously undetected threats and a predictive and context aware security fabric that will evolve and adapt to business needs.”

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