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*astTECS Integrates WhatsApp Across its Communication Product Line

*astTECS has integrated WhatsApp – one of the most popular mobile application across its product line, allowing *astTECS customers to communicate with their users via WhatsApp. An instant way for businesses to connect with their customers, this powerful integration unlocks an extensive communications channel, accelerating go-to-market, while reducing total cost of ownership. The solution amplifies the power of contact centres and unlocks a world of opportunity making customer interactions personalized & engaging.

Backed by the scale, open architecture and reliability of Asterisk platform, WhatsApp feature is integrated across *astTECS next-generation communications product line, empowering organizations with improved customer engagement & efficiency, increased conversions, optimized business practices,  accelerated deliveries, reduced costs and higher revenue potential.

Securely communicating and enabling private conversations with users, this new capability delivers exceptional customer experience. The key features / advantages of WhatsApp integration include: thank you note after each call, call back schedule and reminders, missed call marketing, voicemail as WhatsApp, feedback & surveys, alerts & notifications and customer support.

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