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NetRack’s iRack Block brings intelligence to Datacenter Infra Capsule

A self-cooled, self-contained and self-powered Rackto eliminate large DC infrastructure requirement

NetRack introduced iRack Block specially designed for in-house data center requirements and infra capsules. These racks are equipped with multiple ‘intelligent’ features and configured with self-cooled, self-contained and self-powered features.

Netrack’s iRack Block series is designed to eliminate large DC infrastructure requirements and to overcome facility challenges related to scalability, efficiency, compliance and other security issues. These blocks can be a combination of 3 to 5 racks and are easily expandable. The Racks are IP 50 rated and configured with a load bearing capacity of 1500Kgs in order to cater the high density requirements.

“There is a lack of infrastructure in the small markets, hence we can see a favorable ‘need and the supply’ dynamics in this space. The trend, SMBs opting for intelligent infra capsules or smaller setup for in-house data center inspired us to introduce iRack Block, which will help the organization save on infrastructure cost as well as space,” said Ravi Raj, Brand Head, Director Sales & Support at NetRack.

The iRack Block uses Climaveneta’s unique In Rack cooling unit which works on inverter scroll technology, this advanced technology helps in reducing the cost and increasing the efficiency as the compressor modulates the frequency based on the heat load inside the Rack. The In Row unit is 300mm wide taking bare minimum space and can be configured from 7kW to 55kW, depending upon the datacenter requirements. Since the In Row unit uses R410a refrigerant, it helps in reducing the carbon footprint and is eco-friendly in nature. The Hot Swappable fans add another feather in iRack Block’s cap. NetRack also offers easy customization and migration according to the space availability.

“All firms are trying to limit the IT deployed in small data centers. There are many opportunities for investment in this space and we are very excited about what the future holds in this market,” he added.

The iRack Block come with the advantages of user specific power & cooling solutions and built-in fire suppression, which results in higher PUE and increases uptime to 99.98%.

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