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Asus Unveils NFC-enabled Desktop PC in India

M70AD Desktop PC comes with 4th generation Intel Core processor

Asus has launched M70AD Desktop PC with the latest 4th generation Intel Core processor, and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology for wireless pairing with Android-based devices.

The M70AD allows users to log onto the PC and launch applications via NFC, while photos in mobile devices can also be backed up wirelessly with a simple tap. Asus M70AD features Sonic Master Technology, built-in UPS, NVIDIA GeForce discrete graphics cards, Asus AudioWizard interface, external USB storage device and ASUS-exclusive NFC Express software. NFC Express also allows for password-free Windows 8 login.

As per the release, the Asus M70AD also features an Asus Wireless Charger tray for wireless recharging of smartphones and tablets that support the Qi inductive power standard even when computer is shut down. Asus Ai Charger is a utility that provides faster recharge times for your mobile devices through USB 3.0 even when the M70AD is shut down. The M70AD has the Asus Universal Storage Module (USM), a hot-swap drive bay that makes it easy to add and share high-capacity storage. The industry-standard USM interface is around twice as fast as USB 3.0 and cartridge-based drives can be also connected to any computer via a USB adapter.

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