About the Awards:

It is rightly said that the heart of your business’ success lies in marketing. Marketing defines the most crucial ‘business’ aspects of the business, and has an impact directly proportional to the organization’s growth. Being an Enterprise CMO In today’s corporate landscape is no easy task with the rapidly changing customer moods, growing competition to establish market presence and more so the surge in innovation and IT enablement which has redefined the space. Today’s CMOs are tech-savvy, innovative bunch who has been implementing new digitally enabled practices and empowering the organization with new revenue channels and markets.


The Enterprise IT CMO Leadership awards recognize such business leaders who have been with the times and have been driving growth by embracing technologies like CRM solutions, third platforms and SMAC, empowering teams with mobility solutions enhancing and growing channels through Analytics-enabled market research and strategy making among others. These Chief Marketing Officers are virtually indispensible to their organizations and also one of their biggest assets. The awards will be based on nominations from the Industry and will be adjudicated by leading media personnel in the field of business journalism.

Last date of Nomination: 10th November 2017

How to nominate: to nominate yourself for the CMO Leadership Awards
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